A desperate mother has a strange plan to help her son;
the young man suffers from obsessive violence and death fantasies. A self-made one
Therapy program should now teach him to let go of these disturbing thoughts.

When a young neighbor is hooked into this program without knowing about it, the sensitive structure gets out of control

Production : Frédéric Hambalek Filmproduktion in collaboration with Spektrumfilm Hessen.
Advancement : Rhineland-Palatinate Foundation for Culture
Producers : Frédéric Hambalek, Jan Czmok, Jasmin Gröninger, Anna Woszszyk, Martin Gerhard
Director & Writer : Frédéric Hambalek
Camera : Alexander Griesser

Cast : Alban Mondschein, Anna Steffens, Mathilde Bundschuh, Mira Benser, Denis Larisch, Regine Vergeen, Luca Hohner, Kerstin Agger, Karoline Marie Reinke, Peter Meister

Length : 90 min
Year of production : 2020
Status : Festival evaluation